Howell Munitions & Technology is an all-american, vertically integrated company specializing in the development of ammunition, components, loading machinery and OEM production. Using state of the art processes developed in Lewiston, Idaho, Howell Munitions & Technology and its brands achieve success by a commitment to quality, personalized service and a dedication that is unmatched in the shooting industry.

Howell Munitions & Technology believes in ensuring excellence throughout our entire processing chain, which is why we’re the first ammunition company to be fully vertically-integrated. That means we own our factories, we build the machines that produce our components, we make our bullets, we make or process our own brass, we load our own ammunition in-house. From the raw materials to the final product, we control our product every step along the way. This is how we can ensure you, the dealer, that you will be getting the best possible price, each and every time.

By creating our own supply chain, we can offer our loading machines and products to you at the very best prices -- all year long. We don’t believe you should have to wait for market saturation, a slow economy or gimmicky giveaways to be able to afford great ammunition or components. The HMT family of companies is ready to meet your needs today.